The multi-slide machine is a horizontal stamping press that uses cams to controls tools. The key difference is instead of an “up and down” motion like in a punch press, the multi-slide machine works on right angles. Its moving slides that have tools attached, which strike the work piece to form it.

Multi-Slide Stamping and Forming Machines

And it is the best die casting option for small and complex parts. These machines allow us to form all bends in particular part without repositioning or moving the part to another machine or operation. Fewer operations mean a more efficient and lower cost solution to you.

We are also able to integrate secondary operations like coining, piercing, chamfering, etc into these machines so that they can produce a finished part right out of the machine with little to no human interaction.

CNC Spring Machines

CNC Wire FormingSpring Machine

There are many cost-effective reasons to consider a multi-slide versus a more traditional production method. Often material usage can be reduced dramatically by manufacturing parts with a multi-slide. With a punch press, material is needed on either side of the strip in order to carry the part through the die.

However with a multi-slide the material can be purchased slit to width, less material means less cost per work piece. It is especially important to consider a multi-slide stamping when the part is made out of expensive red metals such as copper or brass.

We are currently manufacturing parts in this department with the following materials: stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and spring steel.

Multi-Slide Stamping and Forming MachinesMulti-Slide Stamping and Forming MachinesMulti-Slide Stamping and Forming Machines

Punch Press

Some of the benefits to punch presses are that they take less time to set up and run at a faster rate than a multi-slide, providing cost savings.

Punch PressPunch Press

Servo-Bending Machines

Their efficiency allows us to produce precision components with a high level of quality in small, medium and large quantities with a short set up time with your component tooling.

These specialty servo-bending machines can manipulate wire from 1.0mm to 20mm in diameter.

Welding Equipment, CNC Milling Processing and Surface Grinding

Production tooling is designed and built in house by our engineering and toolroom teams. Keeping it in house and utilizing our experienced toolmakers can help you reduce your total lead-time and your component tooling costs, whilst ensuring the highest standards of tooling quality is maintained.

With its second-generation owners gradually fitting in and actively upgrading production capabilities, Yenchang Hardware Hook & Spring Factory, a veteran manufacturer and exporter of metal hardware, is writing a new chapter in history.

Headquartered in Tainan City, southern Taiwan, Yenchang Hardware has been dedicated to production of wire forms, such as springs, clips and processing of sheet metal for decades. Backed by well-honed stamping skills and profound knowledge, the firm is also capable of filling orders for original-equipment (OE) parts and redesigned components for various purposes.

To go upmarket, enhance value of its products and ensure sustainable development, Yenchang Hardware has continuously improved its manufacturing techniques and introduced production equipment under its second generation of owners over the past years, and effectively tapped market segments for automotive and aeronautic parts and accessories.

Presently, the firm boasts well-integrated production capability, achieved by a full line of advanced equipment employed in house, including surface grinding machines, CNC milling machines and turning machines from Japan, hence able to satisfy customers with all-around manufacturing services, from product design, mockup creation to mold development, prototyping and production when filling custom orders.

In mass production, it capably utilizes c frame mechanical press, multi axis press brake and multi-slide stamping and forming, along with line dies or progressive dies customized as required by clients, to ensure maximized efficiency and the speediest possible delivery.

The company takes pride particularly of its abilities to design independently molds and dies and utilize conceptual structure to improve existing machinery, therefore assuring customers of better surface roundness than its peers, as well as tighter dimensional tolerances that meet international standards. Carrying out small-quantity, large-variety production and strict quality control, Yenchang Hardware welcomes orders for various customized stamped parts, wire forms, fasteners and metal hardware, and provides OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) services.