Stainless Steel Fishing Hook 9mm
Product Model:

Stainless Steel Fishing Hook 9mm

We provide high quality stainless steel wire forming fishing hook processing and custom service according to customer's draw. We have the expertise to manufacture fishing hook to meet customer's exact specifications and the highest quality standards.

  • Fishing Hook can accept LOGO design.
  • Approved by ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Sale Method: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, OEM, ODM
    Payment Terms: TT, LC, Check
    Main Export Market: China, Finland
    Min Order: 10,000

Our Advantage & Capabilities

  • Our services include OEM and ODM, from products design, heat treating, electroplating, powder coating, vibrating finishing, mockups, prototypes, mould-making, progressive die, stage die, compound die, forming die, bending and manufacture.
  • We work with a complete range of materials to offer customers a large choice in specifications, including red matals, aluminum, brass, bronze, phos bronze, copper, beryllium copper, carbon steel, ferrous, stainless steel, and pre-plated post plated.
  • Wire forming service: custom wire guards, three-dimensional shapes, handle, levers, rods, simple and complex assemblies, straightrened and cut rods, threaded rods and studs, wire racks and shevlving.
  • ISO 9001, TUV Rheinland certified, and world skills calgary 2009 polymechanics gold medal.
  • Complete finishing and assembly services.
  • We are proud to provide high quality precision metal wire forming solutions for a number of different industries, such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, appliance, construstion, electrical parts, communications, solar system parts, houseware, kitchenware, medical, military, camping parts, pop display, fishing parts.

About Us

Established in TAINAN TAIWAN in 1992, Yen Chang Hardware Hook & Spring Factory is a professional manufacturer and exporter with years of experience. We have a variety of contract manufacturing capabilities, such as metal stamping parts, metal wire forming, and spring clips with variety of materials. In addition, we provides enhanced services such as weding, surface treament, prototyping, OEM and ODM.