Custom Metal Stamping Parts
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Custom Metal Stamping Parts

We manufacture and process the custom metal stamping parts according to customer's draws and requests. We have the expertise to ensure that your part will be manufactured to your exact specifications and to the highest quality standards.

Main Export Market: Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, United States.
Payment Terms: TT

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Yenchang are experts when it comes to the design and development of custom metal stamped components as well as sub-assemblies. We specializes in stamping complex, high precision metal stamped parts and components for a wide range of industries. Our experienced development department will work with you to manufacture a part that meets your exact requirements.

We employ several production methods, including multi-slide and four-slide stamping, progressive die stamping, and deep drawing to make sheet metal parts or metal accessories. Our methods are fast, reliable, and multi-functional, producing lightweight parts that deliver great part performance.

Yenchang also has the ability to produce Threaded, countersunk, numbered, or embossed features on all stamped parts. We also offers secondary services such as plating, heat-treating, powder coating, and stress relieving depending on customer requirements. As with everything we do at Yenchang, quality control and quality enhancement are crucial parts of our custom metal stamping processes.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts Capabilities

Our customers rely on our expert design and development services for variety of components, ranging from micro-miniature parts to large, intricate components. Yenchang can provide prototyping services to facilitate high volume orders of up to 50 million parts.

Custom metal stamping parts we produce through our precision metal stamping include:

  • Electronic connectors
  • Surface mount pins
  • Transfer stampings
  • Heat sinks
  • Medical components
  • Insert moldings
  • Fuse clips
  • Furniture parts